Ocean Advocacy and Art

31.08.15 — Category:  — 

Our planet's oceans are essential to all of our lives, whether we live near them or not. I've just spent the summer meeting with ocean researchers and advocates to learn more about current issues. There are so many ways that the seaweed communities provide critical habitat, nutrition, and environmental solutions!

I believe contemporary art inspired by science offers a way to come into environmental questions through the doorway of inspiration and engagement!  When I share my art and with people, new understandings and connections develop that lead to awareness and advocacy. 

Watch for a major exhibition early next Spring with my ocean and seaweed related art! Fun and engaging programming and events will accompany the exhibition!

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Bull Kelp at Asilomar Beach- (Nerocystis luetkeana) -

10.07.15 — Category:  — 

When I first stepped onto Asilomar beach one evening in Pacific Grove California, I found a massive bull kelp stretched along the sand. The huge air bladder weighed 20 pounds or more. I was struck by its huge presence on the beach, having been ripped away from its holdfast some 50 feet below the ocean waves. It lay on the sand, still so full of life, its tissues still holding sea water and salt. Think of the powerful waves it survived for so long!

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Abundant diversity

18.06.15 — Category:  — 

The size and variety of seaweeds at Big Sur was astonishing!  This is one of my favorites- a deep red heavily textured seaweed called Condracanthus, or Turkish Towel! 

The field work with the Jepson Herbarium of UC Berkeley was so rich in learning and specimens!

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The Center for Ocean Solutions

6.06.15 — Category:  — 

Rebecca Martone, from The Center for Ocean Solutions met me in the intertidal zone at Stanford’s Hopkins Research Station in Monterey California. It was an amazing morning, learning about the seaweeds that populate this coastline. We met early in the morning at low tide, so we could see the seaweeds that grow in the lower tidal zones. It was such a visual and species rich place!  I was overwhelmed with the abundance of seaweeds of every description. along with green and pink anemones, tiny orange sea stars, and a sea lion swimming nearby.

Rebecca spoke of the interconnecting forces of temperature, upwellings, wave action, salinity, carbon dioxide levels, and many other aspects of life in the ocean that affect the seaweed populations.

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Pacific Coast Seaweeds

29.05.15 — Category:  — 

The beauty and richness of seaweeds on the Pacific coast will soon be my enviroment, as I embark on a field research trip to Big Sur California!  I will be joining Dr Kathy Ann Miller from UC Berkeley, and the Jepson Herbarium!  We will be camping in tents, harvesting and studying seaweeds at low tide in the various tidal zones.

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Seaweed studies at Art Residency in Salida

7.04.15 — Category:  — 


It has been almost three weeks here at my art residency in Salida Colorado. Deep into the science research and reading that is foundational to my art. New art forms and ideas coming from the science!  So excited to be working with ocean issues. 

The folks in Salida are incredibly welcoming, friendly, resourceful, and creative. I love the slower healthy pace of life here. The mountain vistas are in every direction and sunsets are spectacular. Here on my last day I woke to about a foot and a half of snow! 

I am so grateful for all that has happened here, and I am especially thankful to writer Susan Tweit who founded and hosts this residency, called Terraphilia (definition: an intrinsic affection for and connection to the Earth and its community of lives.) See Susan Tweit's books and blog.

The Salida Council on the Arts is a wonderful sponsor of the residency, and the board members volunteer their time and talents to make Salida the special place it is. Come to Salida for the annual Art Walk- an explosion of arts on the streets of Salida- sounds like its going to be pretty wild this year- June 26-28.

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Cabinets of Seaweed Curiosities

23.01.15 — Category:  — 

Inside my studio wall of cabinets with glass doors lie an astonishing array of dried seaweed forms. I've gathered these from the coastlines of our country This is one of my favorites- a giant six inch deep mass of tangled life, along with some of the organisms that made their homes there. 

I've been researching and reading about the way seaweeds provide food, shelter, shade, and many specialized habitats for ocean life. Seaweeds play a key role in the health of our oceans. Watch for all the upcoming blogs on seaweeds, and a major exhibition in 2016. 

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A Crystalized World

13.01.15 — Category:  — 


I woke to find the world covered in crystals of an unusual nature... a rare combination, especially in the dry climate of Colorado, of Hoarfrost and Rime Ice. I love the science of how these crystals were formed.  I am doing experiments in the studio with crystalization, and hope to have some of these pieces in an upcoming show.

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The mysterious Cereus

31.05.14 — Category:  — 

A mysterious event is on-going in my art studio this week.... It is an experience I have been wanting to have for over twenty years.  My Night Blooming Cereus plant has six large buds that are developing rapidly and each one will bloom for just one night this year.  I love watching them take shape and grow so dramatically each day. The anticipation is high for this extraordinary time...

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Insight and Inquiry

18.05.14 — Category:  — 

I offer an opportunity that appears on my website as Personal Artistic Mentoring. Recently I was thinking about all the different types of people that I work with in this way.  It is always a deep joy to me to be involved with the support of another artist’s journey....

to read more click on the title  Insight and Inquiry

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Studio Investigations

13.05.14 — Category:  — 

The studio table is covered with experiements for a new installation piece. This stage of the work always consumes me with a great sense of discovery. Scientific inquiry mixed with artistic intuition brings new directions and questions. 

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Spring in flood country

11.04.14 — Category:  — 

In a few weeks the annual melting of the snow in the Rocky Mountains will begin, and everyone here is bracing and preparing for the waters that will come.  If it melts in a sudden event, because of a hot day, we could be in for heavy flooding, due to the conditions still existing from last Fall's extensive flood. 

This winter I have been working on art pieces related to my experiences of the flood. My father-in-law's house in the mountains was severly effected, and the river moved over significantly on his property, creating a great loss of land and trees. I am fascinated with the way rivers can change their course, and the shapes they take. This is a section of a new piece I am working on about rivers.

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Kozo Workshop - Innovative Techniques FEBRUARY 22

18.02.14 — Category:  — 



CASTING WITH KOZO BARK FIBER -I've developed many innovative techniques over the last twelve years in working intensively with Kozo- an intriguing and unusual bark fiber. Kozo, an eastern traditional fiber, offers many possibilities for contemporary exploration. These include: sculptural and installation work, mixed media and encaustic painting, and image based two dimensional work.  Explore this in-depth workshop, where you will learn to prepare the bark, understand its history and use in Asian art, and make images or abstract shapes that you can incorporate into your art.



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The Power of Water

17.02.14 — Category:  — 

This exhibition features Jill's piece called Essential Waters, from a new series of art pieces about water.  The art in the exhibition is about water as a force of change, growth or destruction, and features installation and interactive pieces.

Feb 5 - March 2   Firehouse Art Center  667 Fourth Ave  Longmont, CO 


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Come to Two Hands Paperie!

23.01.14 — Category:  — 

There is a very unique place on the far west end of Pearl Street in Boulder where you can see a large, beautifully curated collection of hand made papers from all over the world called Two Hands Paperie. All kinds of high quality paper goods, writing tools, handmade journals, an excellent book selection, and materials and tools for many related crafts such as encaustics and letterpress printing are offered.

I just spent two delightful days there installing my kozo work in their store window. I'll be there again this Friday January 24th as a visiting artist from 2 to 5pm. Come by and see kozo work in progress!

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Heavy Rains Come from Dark Skies

20.01.14 — Category:  — 

I have been in the studio working on new pieces related to the massive flooding events this past season where I live in Colorado.  The sound and experience of heavy rain for days, is so very rare here, and inspired this piece- Unending Rains from Dark Skies. Here is a detail from it.

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Winds bring Tumbleweeds

3.01.14 — Category:  — 

Recent Chinnook winds along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains have brought blessings to the studio.  I went out to collect the tumbleweeds and have a wonderful collection now. I've tied some to the fence in patterns, and am experimenting with crystalizing others. 

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The Beauty of Winged Insects

12.10.13 — Category: Newsletter — 

Amidst all the flood activity, it has been hard to take time for the deeper practices that sustain and nourish us, like settling into drawing and creative time. I've been in the studio with some beautiful winged insects, and wanted you to know of some upcoming opportunities to be inspired by them too.

Workshops- The Beauty of Winged Insects

 Oct 20th Drawing and Inspiration I'm offering a workshop where we will have up-close time with some of the most visually interesting winged insects in the CU Natural History Museum collections! We will look at them with an artist's eye, draw and photograph their amazing structures, and learn from their inspiring details and colors. 

 Oct 26th Creating Winged Creatures The following weekend is another workshop- this time to create winged creatures using a rich selection of natural materials, inspired by the hundreds of insects I've exhibited in my environmental installation art. 

Plants and Insects in a Time of Change- my installation art exhibition will be at the CU Museum of Natural History just a few more weeks


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Insect Workshops!

11.10.13 — Category:  — 

Upcoming workshops in connection with Jill Powers’ exhibition at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.



         SUNDAY  OCT 20   1- 3:30  

ART INSECTS - ALL NATURAL  at Jill's studo

         SAT  OCT 26  9:30 - 12:30  

For full information go to Insect Workshops on the Classes page

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Insects at Durango Exhibition: Washi and Paper Ephemera

22.09.13 — Category:  — 

A wall of insects - at the exhibition Washi and Other Paper Ephemera at the Durango Art Center in Colorado

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Giant Kelp

16.08.13 — Category: Newsletter — 

Giant Kelp

Ocean rhythms washed through my studio this summer as I worked on large installation art pieces with giant kelp made from kozo. I once went kayaking through deep ocean waters...


See more about this ocean art and the workshop by clicking the post title...

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Three Summer Invitations

10.07.13 — Category: Newsletter — 

Summer greens are everywhere. Right now my studio is overflowing with long green fronds of giant kelp!  It's made from kozo bark fiber for a new art installation about  healthy oceans and the life forms essential to them. 

The first invitation is to come see the giant kelp and five other new pieces in Golden, Colorado in the exhibition Threads of Change at the Foothills Art Center. The opening is Friday July 12th from 6:30 to 8:30pm. You will also see new work there from my recent artist residency featuring sculpted hands made from kozo!  This will be an exciting show featuring a selection of Colorado contemporary artists who use innovative fiber materials and processes. 

Here's a photo with work in progress on the kelp from when I was working at the Terraphilia residency...

WORKSHOPS:Summer and fall workshops at my studio and at the Natural History Museum in Boulder, Colorado

Click on the post title to see all the exhibition and workshop information...

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13.05.13 — Category:  — 

On my residency I explored some new work with themes of water and the environment, along with continued insect pieces.  I got to use Robert Spellman's microscope and looked at river water from Salida. The algae was fascinating to see up close.  I was also reading Of Rock and Rivers- Seeking a Sense of Place in the American West by Ellen Wohl.  New kozo pieces are emerging...

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Working with KOZO

10.05.13 — Category:  — 

Over the past 12 years, I have focused on developing new techniques for working in contemporary ways with KOZO bark fiber. Kozo is a tough woody inner bark (bast fiber) that I soak, cook, and selectively open. I have found many ways to cast it in the wet stage that allow for some very unique qualities to emerge.I love how it returns to it's bark-like strength, while still appearing  to be delicate. This year I will be teaching kozo workshops...


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High school students learn about Environmental Art

6.05.13 — Category: Environmental Art — 

During my Terraphilia Artist Residency I gave several talks at the Salida High School nearby on what it is like to work as artist with environmental ideas.  To read more, click on the title of this post)  

Photo by Cynda Green

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Views all around

2.05.13 — Category:  — 

The artist residency in Salida offers spectacular views in all directions!  We had snow for a day, and now big thunderstorms on the way this week...

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Terraphilia Artist Residency!

30.04.13 — Category:  — 

What a great experience being at the Terraphilia Artist Residency in Salida Colorado!  It's an eco-art residency and features cool housing and a wonderful community!  The studio is in a...

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Speaking to an Environmental Design Seminar

15.03.13 — Category:  — 

An exciting new cross-disciplinary class at CU called Environmental Design Seminar is is being taught by Pat Kociolek, Kathleen Kambic, and Paul Lander.  They invited me to...

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Water in the West

25.02.13 — Category:  — 

I've been going to local meetings regarding the issues related to water in the west- particularly hydrolic fracturing. We are so lucky to have the Center of the American West- Patty Limerick is spearheading months of lectures on fracking- from all different points of view- educating us...

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The Sound of the Beetles- Watch the video

17.02.13 — Category:  — 

WATCH THE VIDEO that is imbedded into the installation piece Bark Beetle Forest.  It features very close up images of the beetles and gives a sweeping view of forests impacted by the beetles. The video was not designed to be watched separate from the art, but you can visualize it appearing on several video screens at once, with staggered start times, so that each screen has a different image. 

In the video you can listen to the sound of the beetles thanks to David Dunn, the sound ecologist who recorded the beetles underneath the bark!  Listen to the unusual clicking sounds! That is how the beetles communicate. There are also whooshing sounds of fluids in the trees, and chewing noises.  It's all recorded in the tree, and layered together to produce The Sound of Light in the Trees produced by The Acoustic Ecology Institute...

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Environmental Center in the mountains

8.02.13 — Category:  — 

It was great to hear from the Program Director at Cal-Wood Education Center in Nederland, Colorado. Their staff is interested in learning from the bark beetle art exhibition.  I have a lot of ideas about how to deepen student's environmental understanding through art...

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The Forest

7.02.13 — Category:  — 

Some people have seen my art exhibition and ask "Why doesn't your work show more of the doom and gloom about the loss of the forests?"  That's an interesting question!            

This piece from my show is called Requiem for the Forest, and is a deep response to the forest that we are losing. It honors the spirit of the trees in the forest by showing just the living outer layer of the trees- an almost ghostly or spirit-filled presence of the forest that is vanishing in our lifetime. The three trees are presented in front of a wall of actual tree slabs that are from beetle killed trees, along with orange pine needles below.  It is not doom and gloom here, but genuine grief.

               However, after 8 months of reading about bark beetles form all angles of this complex issue, I find....

(to read more, click on the title of this post)

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Winter Inspiration

1.02.13 — Category:  — 

I always think of this time of year as a time with more indoor hours looking out on the quiet beauty of the season. The striking blues of the snow, the inward time it seems to invite. We crave inspiration to carry us. 

It's a wonderous opening we feel when seeing works of art which expand our world and have a meaningful depth. It can lift your spirit and bring just the joy and thoughtfulness that is needed. 

I invite you to the final three days of my exhibition, Plants and Insects in a Time of Change. The art is a sensory experience, with sound, video, and scientific insights. Go see the unusual kozo art and perhaps even take a piece home with you, to have that inspiration as part of your life. 

The Firehouse Art Center is just 20 minutes from Boulder, one block off Main Street in downtown Longmont.  It is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week only, from noon to 5pm. 

Stay tuned for upcoming news of classes and art retreats. 

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Why make art related to Bark Beetles?

28.01.13 — Category:  — 

What first drew me to work with bark beetles in my art?  The beautiful patterns they carve into the inner bark of the trees were compelling, and repelling at the same time.  Visually, I like the linear patterns and painted many versions of these in the long airy panels I call Xylem and Phloem.  Conceptually, I have to recognize that these channels in the bark represent the end of life of the tree. I began to reading and talking to scientists who were studying the beetles...

Click on the title of the post to see more...

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Bark Beetles at Climate Change Congress - New Zealand

25.01.13 — Category:  — 

CU Professor of BioGeography and Conservation, Tom Veblen, travelled to New Zealand to present a talk at a Climate Change conference, and included photos and information about Jill's bark beetle exhibition...

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Bark Beetle Book

23.01.13 — Category:  — 

As an artist working primarily with bark fiber, I don't often get a chance to do writing and design illustration. For this exhibition I wrote and illustrated a chapbook on the story of the bark beetles. It is available free to everyone.  I designed...

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Beetle Film Night

18.01.13 — Category:  — 

Come to a fun night of short films related to the exhibition Plants and Insects in a Time of Change!  We'll see videos from other contemporary artists who have been inspired by insects, and some short films on the latest research about bark beetles. To see...

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17.01.13 — Category:  — 

Lots of information available at the exhibition for people wanting to know more about bark beetles and our forests. There are...

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Opening night Live Motion Piece

16.01.13 — Category:  — 

It was a snowy night, and the gallery was packed, for the opening of the show and to see the Contemplative Dance Collective's Live Motion pieces!

The science related to the show permeated all the pieces, and raised awareness about global warming and its effects close to home with the bark beetles in Colorado's forests.

 Here are a few images taken by photographer David Silver.


To see all the pictues, click on the title of this post!

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Bark Beetles and Colorado's Forests

14.01.13 — Category:  — 

I will be giving an Artist's Talk on Saturday January 19th at 7PM, and will also be screening six short films - all about insects.  It will be a mix of films about Colorado's forests, the mountain pine bark beetles, and some films about interesting things contemporary artists are doing with insects!  Don't miss it!


The talk is in conjunction with my exhibition Plants and Insects in a Time of Change which opened Friday night.  An exciting mix of art lovers and scientists attended the show. The Contemplative Dance Collective captivated eveyone with their movement and presence. The new video created for an installation piece in the show features bark beetles in action, and how they've affected Colorado's forests. 

I hope you will have a chance to see the work in person. The Firehouse Art Center in Longmont  Colorado is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from Noon to 5PM through February 3rd.  It is at 4th and Coffman, just a block off Main Street.


To see the whole blog post click on the title

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Exhibition Opening January 2013

14.01.13 — Category:  — 


    Plants and Insects in a Time of Change


   January 11 to February 3  2013



 Jill’s art explores the mysteries and complexities of insect life, raising our awareness about the delicate ecosystems that make life on earth viable for all of us.  Climate change has affected even the smallest winged creatures on the planet, and their lives have a large scale impact on our own. This exhibition features work about climate change and insects, and explores the role of pine bark beetles in the huge changes happening in Colorado’s forests.  Jill’s sculptural and installation art is entirely made from a sustainably grown inner bark called Kozo. Installation pieces incorporate sound and video.

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21.12.12 — Category:  — 

The Solstice marks the celestial point of greatest darkness, and the beginning of the return of the light, minute by minute, earlier each night.  I look forward to this transformation!


EXHIBITION  Please mark JANUARY 11th from 6 to 9pm in your new 2013 calendar for the opening to my new exhibition at the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont Colorado(4th & Coffman). The new work is Plants and Insects in a Changing World. Pieces include installation and sound. A Live Motion piece by members of the Contemplative Dance Collective will happen during the opening.

To see the whole blog post click on Solstice Greetings

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The Latest News on Bark Beetles

16.10.12 — Category:  — 

Come hear Jeff Mitton and Scott Ferrenberg talk about their research with the Mountain Pine Beetle. Dr Mitton is a professor in Evolutionary Biology at CU and has been studying the progress of the forests.  "The current epidemic of mountain pine beetle is an order of magnitude larger than any previously recorded".


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Yucca Seed Harvest Time

5.10.12 — Category:  — 

Snow this morning! Such an early autumn season this year!  It is time for harvesting seed pods. I was out among the ridges north of Lyons, Colorado yesterday, collecting some yucca pods for their seeds.   more.......

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Studio explorations

7.08.12 — Category:  — 

My studio tables are often filled with materials and pieces in progress from three or four different projects. Right now I am working on pieces for an upcoming show related to insects and climate change.

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An artist's Reading and Research on Bark Beetles!

25.07.12 — Category:  — 

This is one the books at my bedside! Fascinating reading about the story of what is happening in western forests from Mexico all the way up through Canada.  I've been doing a lot of research on this subject...  click on the post title to learn more

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Grounding in the foothills

10.07.12 — Category:  — 

Hiking up the first foothill along the front range of the Rockies, I can see the mountains not far off. The yucca and sage are everywhere.  The prairie dogs call out their sharp barks.

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Forest Devastation

17.06.12 — Category:  — 

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Insects in International Fiber Philadelphia

6.04.12 — Category:  — 

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Insects, Kozo, and Climate Change and other news from the studio....

31.01.12 — Category: Newsletter — 

The Small Winged Life is the new installation art piece I've been working on for a year, which will debut this month at the International Fiber Biennial at Snyderman Gallery in Philadelphia. As an artist, I am making this piece to explore the mysteries and complexities of insect life, and to raise awareness about the delicate ecosystems that make life on earth viable for all of us. I made over 200 insects out of kozo fiber, seed pods, and many mixed media natural processes and materials. The insects are mounted on entomology pins and flow across the wall in patterns.  


"Insects are the little things that run the world." Biologist E.O. Wilson "Our planet's essential functions would surely collapse without them...The vast majority of insects are inconsquential to our personal lives, but of critical importance to humanity as a whole " -Kaufman's Field Guide to Insects of North America

For more on the insect exhibition, and news of upcoming openings, classes, and events, click on the title of this blog to get the full story.


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Sneak Preview!

15.12.11 — Category:  — 


I've been working on an installation piece for the last six months, related to Climate Change. The piece has led me to so many resources and information that I find fascinating. Here is a sneak preview of one small element of the coming piece. (It's made from a seed pod I found in my friend Eve's garden, and has a skin of gut and salt, creating a textured surface that I love.) It is a section of one element, out of hundreds in the installation.   Stay tuned for the unveiling of this piece in January! 

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December Studio Classes

18.11.11 — Category: Newsletter — 


Treat yourself to a day of inspired creative explorations. A selection of unique explorations with natural materials.  Click on the blog title for details, or go to the Classes page.


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Open Studios weekend

2.10.11 — Category:  — 

Open Studios began yesterday with a beautiful autumn skies, and my studio was packed all day. Lots of inspiration and conversation, good sales, interest in upcoming workshops, and connections for the future. I am showing new floating panels, two new collections of wall pieces, the finished silkworm pieces, jewelry, and figures of women. Hope to see you here today, or next weekend.  I'm open from noon to six pm, Saturday and Sunday.

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A glimpse into the studio...

24.09.11 — Category: Newsletter — 

Why is it so inspiring to visit an artist’s studio?  The fresh work, the personal experience, seeing how they live their art, the poetry of their collections..... it’s a breath of vitality, depth, and connection. 

 My studio is Open the next two weekends-  October 1 & 2,  and October 8 & 9   Open from Noon to Six    Come visit!   1702 Sumac Ave,  Boulder  80304

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Summer delights....

24.06.11 — Category: Newsletter — 

  Find the gems of summer.  Enjoy a summer workshop

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The story of the silk chamber pieces

25.05.11 — Category: Silkworms — 

 You are invited to the talk at the Jane Sauer Gallery at 730 Canyon Road in Santa Fe on Sunday June 5th at 1PM. Come hear the story of this enchanting work.

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29.04.11 — Category:  — 

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22.04.11 — Category:  — 

Native Alaskan art form!  See full blog post                                      

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Cloud Chamber for Japan

20.03.11 — Category:  — 



The traditional arts of silk and kozo fiber have been the foundation for my experimental work, and I owe a great debt to papermakers and textile artists in JAPAN. When I read the following message,  I realized I wanted to do something to help.  I have decided to offer one of my sculptures to the highest bidder, and will make a 100% donation to the Red Cross in honor of Japanese papermakers. (click on the blog entry title to see the message and details)

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Experimentation with Design

8.03.11 — Category: Cocoon Art — 

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Young silkworms

1.03.11 — Category: Silkworms — 

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Fiberarts Magazine visits the studio

27.02.11 — Category:  — 

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Laying eggs!

28.03.10 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

The females lay hundreds of eggs in a few hours. The beautiful yellow eggs will...

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Mating! The silk moths find each other

23.03.10 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

The silk moths rest a few moments, and then the female begins scenting for a mate. The male senses her with his large antennae, and buzzes around until he finds her....

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The Silk Moth Arrives

18.03.10 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

After a few minutes of rest from the struggle of emerging, the silk moth's wings are pumped fully and the beautiful creamy white moth looks around the world for the fist time....

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Emerging from the cocoon!

12.03.10 — Category: Cocoon Art — Comment

These moths are just emerging from their cocoons.....

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stages of my silkworms' lives

9.03.10 — Category: Cocoon Art — Comment

Some of the silkworms are almost ready to spin, and others are in the three day process of spinning!

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Cocoon collaboration

4.03.10 — Category: Cocoon Art — Comment

The silkworms spin their cocoons in a space that I created for them out of bark fiber...


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Spinning Silk Cocoons

15.11.09 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

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Full of liquid silk!

9.11.09 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

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New Skin

3.11.09 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

New skin

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silkworms growing...

25.10.09 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

Silkworms growing

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Mulberry leaves!

21.10.09 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

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The Adventure has begun!

13.10.09 — Category: Silkworms — Comment

Eggs The adventure has begun!

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Open Studios 2009

27.09.09 — Category: News — Comment

Open Studios 2009You are invited to visit me in my studio this fall during the 2009 Open Studios Tour...

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25.09.09 — Category: Silkworms — Comment [2]

Eggs!Each cocoon takes three days to spin - a magical time in the studio...

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Moth on a thumbRaising silk involves a beautiful journey into the insect world...

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