Winter Inspiration

Category:    —    Feb 1, 05:58 PM

I always think of this time of year as a time with more indoor hours looking out on the quiet beauty of the season. The striking blues of the snow, the inward time it seems to invite. We crave inspiration to carry us. 

It's a wonderous opening we feel when seeing works of art which expand our world and have a meaningful depth. It can lift your spirit and bring just the joy and thoughtfulness that is needed. 

I invite you to the final three days of my exhibition, Plants and Insects in a Time of Change. The art is a sensory experience, with sound, video, and scientific insights. Go see the unusual kozo art and perhaps even take a piece home with you, to have that inspiration as part of your life. 

The Firehouse Art Center is just 20 minutes from Boulder, one block off Main Street in downtown Longmont.  It is open just this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only, from noon to 5pm. 

Stay tuned for upcoming news of classes and art retreats. 

Enjoy the season!   Jill




Jill Powers is a contemporary fiber artist living in Boulder, CO. She experiments with many natural media and processes. She has often raised silkworms in her art studio for collaborations.




Jane Sauer Gallery,  Santa Fe

Snyderman Gallery, Philadelphia

National Paper Makers Organization- The Friends of Dard Hunter

Naropa University Visual Arts, Boulder, CO

The Ditch Project



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