"Jill Powers achieves the mysticism of the orient with handmade paper that she casts into starkly simple forms.  The serene oblong shape of Ms. Powers's "Reverence" has the essence of  an Oriental reliquary.  A single dried okra pod hangs down in front like a ceremonial vessel."
-Review from the Sunday New York Times - July 15, 1990


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  • Jill is on an ocean and seaweed field research trip to Long Island, New York.
  • Workshop- SITKA CENTER for ART AND ECOLOGY on the coast of Oregon!
  • Read about Jill's focus on ocean environmental issues and seaweeds in the summer blog posts.


Ocean Advocacy and Art

Our planet's oceans are essential to all of our lives, whether we live near them or not. I've just spent the summer meeting with ocean researchers and advocates to learn more about current issues. There are so many ways that the seaweed communities provide critical habitat, nutrition, and environmental solutions!

I believe contemporary art inspired by science offers a way to come into environmental questions through the doorway of inspiration and engagement!  When I share my art and with people, new understandings and connections develop that lead to awareness and advocacy. 

Watch for a major exhibition early next Spring with my ocean and seaweed related art! Fun and engaging programming and events will accompany the exhibition!

Bull Kelp at Asilomar Beach- (Nerocystis luetkeana) -

When I first stepped onto Asilomar beach one evening in Pacific Grove California, I found a massive bull kelp stretched along the sand. The huge air bladder weighed 20 pounds or more. I was struck by its huge presence on the beach, having been ripped away from its holdfast some 50 feet below the ocean waves. It lay on the sand, still so full of life, its tissues still holding sea water and salt. Think of the powerful waves it survived for so long!

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