"Jill Powers achieves the mysticism of the orient with handmade paper that she casts into starkly simple forms.  The serene oblong shape of Ms. Powers's "Reverence" has the essence of  an Oriental reliquary.  A single dried okra pod hangs down in front like a ceremonial vessel."
-Review from the Sunday New York Times - July 15, 1990


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Newest work coming soon to the website!!!

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  • The Morgan Conservatory's exhibition featuring innovative work with Eastern fibers features Jill's kozo art pieces- coming this summer.
  • Naropa University Magazine is featuring Jill's environmental work on their cover, along with an article about her teaching in the on-line magazine.


Spring in flood country

In a few weeks the annual melting of the snow in the Rocky Mountains will begin, and everyone here is bracing and preparing for the waters that will come.  If it melts in a sudden event, because of a hot day, we could be in for heavy flooding, due to the conditions still existing from last Fall's extensive flood. 

This winter I have been working on art pieces related to my experiences of the flood. My father-in-law's house in the mountains was severly effected, and the river moved over significantly on his property, creating a great loss of land and trees. I am fascinated with the way rivers can change their course, and the shapes they take. This is a section of a new piece I am working on.

Kozo Workshop - Innovative Techniques FEBRUARY 22


SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22  BOULDER COLORADO  11 - 4PM  $125    REGISTER NOW   Two Hands Paperie  (303) 444-0124

KOZO BARK FIBER is the main art material that I use. I have developed many innovative techniques over the last twelve years in working with Kozo- an intriguing and unusual bark fiber.  It is a very freeing art medium with many possibilities for exploration.  It is a wonderful collage medium, full of texture and visual interest. You can create kozo pieces or shapes that make a beautiful layer in an encaustic painting. Mixed media paintings, prints, or constructions offer more connections for kozo.  Explore these in this in-depth workshop, where you will learn to prepare the bark, understand its history and use in making "rice paper", and make images or abstract shapes that you can use in your art. 



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